Parsian Credit Cards                                                                              

PECCO, on behalf of Parsian Bank, for the first time have acted to extensive supply of all types of all credit cards to all the applicants. Considering the variety of credit cards, handing them over to the applicants shall also comply with a certain criteria, which is made possible through making use of an experienced and specialized credit assessment team. Up to this date, Parsian credit cards have been issued and provided for the customers in various types, such as blue, silver, golden, credit purchase and special credit cards.


Key Advantages of Parsian Credit Cards

Increasing the purchasing power of customers making use of the Parsian Bank credit
Possibility of reimbursement of the credit used in cash and/or by installments determined based on the type of the relevant card
Sending statements by regular mail, electronic mail, faxes, SMS to the address of the card holder
Informing card holders of their statement through contacting the telephone card system and/or referring to PECCO and/or chosen branches of Parsian Bank