Organizational Values of PECCO

Aiming at creating an active and dynamic organization, PECCO has defined its organizational values as follows:

-    Paying due attention to human dignity and showing respect for exalted position of all the beneficiaries of the company
-    Being accountable to customers
-    Establishing a comprehensive meritocratic system and increasing loyalty of personnel towards the organization
-    Satisfying shareholders and paying attention to interest rate of investments
-    Insisting on establishing win-win business relationships with customers and beneficiaries
-    Creating an effective and efficient chain of suppliers
-    Necessitating the regard for economizing on resources consumption
-    Reducing cost of providing customers with services
-    Emphasizing development of effective employment in the society whether directly or indirectly 
-    Looking after consumers' interests through providing a broad range of services to customers 
-    Entering on the global market
-    Making technology and quality of products and services closer to the international standards 
-    Harmonizing words and practice towards customer orientation
-    Improving quality of products and services of the company
-    Innovation pioneering
-    Constant increase of effectiveness and efficiency of the organization 
-    Adopting a development approach founded on creating a knowledge-based organization
-    Being in compliance with strategies and policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran
-    Reminding and emphasizing teamwork constantly and avoiding egocentrism amongst personnel of the organization 
-    Creating a strategy oriented organization throughout the company
-    Developing a worldwide view in parallel with safeguarding the national interest